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Full Service Recording Studio. Dedicated to serving your vision and giving you the sound that your music deserves!









We have tools you need to get your song recorded, with some of the best Audio Engineers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, We can bring your song to life.

Mixing services that will take Raw Multi-tracks recorded at ANY studio and turn them into Professional Sounding songs, That are sure to grasp your listeners Attention

Mastering is the last step in the process of bringing your song to life. This allows your song to be heard the same way across all platforms and devices. Reach out for a quote!

Gulf Media Collective Testimonial from Dustn Brooks of Jupiter Pilot. Recording Studio Testimonial

Dustin Brooks

Working with Joey Miller and Gulf Media Collective has been such a pleasurable experience. The entire atmosphere and vibe is relaxing and stress free. As this was my first time recording anything ever, Joey makes sure we all feel at home and he makes sure that we are able to produce the sound that we want. From the cold beverages, to the coffee and hot tea, he really helps take the edge off of recording and welcomes you into his studio. His knowledge of music theory is astounding. His inputs and opinions on my guitar sections really help out and alter my way of writing from now on. One thing I love about Joey and his work at Gulf Media Collective is he is honest, straightforward, fun, and a master at his craft. He is able to turn my(our) dreams into a reality and help us lay down some amazing tracks! Whenever we set up a recording date I always look forward to the day!

Mike Ross.jpg

Mike Ross

I’ve recorded here with Joey Miller going on a few years now with a few different bands. Actually working on my solo record with him right now. His quality and easy going nature is a reason I keep coming back. He always helps flush out the best out of me and my song writing. Do yourself a favor if you are looking for radio quality recordings at a very reasonable price Gulf Media Collective is your place!

Tim Black.jpg

Tim Black

Very knowledgeable, reasonable rates, and extremely easy to work with. Go here when you're ready to record!

Limited Portfolio

Limited Portfolio
NeverWindJared, Clint, Roy
00:00 / 03:53

Jared, Clint and Roy are local Musicians all with immense talent and a history of Music Credits
Gulf Media Collective did the Engineering, Producing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering on this Track

Northern Lights Suplex is a DIY Rock Band based out of Biloxi, Mississippi. Gulf Media Collective did the Engineering, Producing, Mixing and Mastering for this track.

Street ChickenNorthern Lights Suplex
00:00 / 03:31
Mimirs WellArchos
00:00 / 02:41

Archos is a Metal/Progressive Band from Biloxi, MS. Gulf Media Collective did the Post-Production, Mixing and Mastering on this track

Jupiter Pilot is themed Alternative Rock band based out of Biloxi, Mississippi.
Gulf Media Collective did the Engineering, Producing, Post Production, Mixing and Mastering on this track

CyrosleepJupiter Pilot
00:00 / 02:35
A Little MedinceSeaStrings
00:00 / 02:24

SeaStrings are an Acoustic Duo from Ocean Springs, MS
Gulf Media Collective did the Engineering, Producing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering on this Track

Studio Amenities

Studio Amenities

  -  48 Channels of High Quality I/O, to support even the most complicated sessions.

  - Large Live Room, capable of high quality Drum Tracking, or Full Band Recording

  - Lounge with Couch/Bed, TV, Mini Fridge, Coffee Station ETC

  - 3 house drum sets to explore tones for your record

  - 2 engineers on hand for a fast moving recording experience

  - A robust selection of session musicians, from Guitarists, Drummers, and even Brass players

Live Stream Audio

This was an event from "The Sound", A local Podcast that has been making strides in the Local Music Industry. Gulf Media Collective has had the Luxury of Sponsoring this Live Stream Concert for them. 
Here is a small snippet of the show. Audio is from Joseph Miller, and Vinnie Midence of Gulf Media Collective. Video is from Jared Seymour and Kevin Harris of The Sound. 

Audio/Video Reel

Before/After pro Mix/Master

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