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Why every relationship matters.

We're all human. We all play favorites, we all take things fore-granted, but VERY high on that list of things is relationships. We throw relationships away like a person with IBS throws away underwear... Let me tell you why EVERY relationship matters, even with the people that you might consider an enemy. A wise man once said "Every man that I meet is my superior in some way, and in that, I must learn of him" The people that you least expect can all very well teach you a valuable lesson. So let me start with the obvious here. We are on a spinning ball traveling at 1000 miles per hour through space, a place so big that our puny minds can barely grasp it, and at any moment, our entire planet could be demolished by a flying object, or worse... by the aliens There are so many tragedies here on earth in a 24 hour time span, you are VERY lucky to make it through one day without one. One of the various reasons that you should hold every relationship dear. you NEVER know what tomorrow will bring. No matter how sure you may be, you do not know the future. You don't want to leave things unsaid, or leave people with a thought of you that might not necessarily be the way you wanted them to feel. We all get angry, upset, flustered, but never leave people you care about wondering. Thought number 2 about this is about the line I said up there. EVERY person is superior to you in some aspect, and until you learn and accept that, your growth will be minimal. Have you ever met a famous person, or extremely rich person, and thought to yourself "Wow, they are very humble and down to earth" That all stems from this exact quote. They understand and realize that EVERY person in this world is superior to them in some aspect or respect. Whether its a technical aspect, emotional, or physical. You can learn from any living being on this planet. The sooner you come to terms with that, the more you can grow. Thought number 3. In todays digital age, there's no doubt that our attention spans are drawing weaker and weaker. The average attention span of a person (in 2018) was 8 seconds. So with this thought in your brain, now think about how easily you forget things.. I feel like people will think this is weird but one thing that helped me build relationships and make my friends, clients etc to feel better is my memory of them. Which isn't really a memory as much as it is me keeping notes. I have notes in my phone of almost all of my friends and clients. If I have a client coming over I can look in my notes and see "Jane Doe really likes room temp water more than cold water." Even though this is a very small thing, it is very appreciated when you remember small details. Lets them know that you care. I don't believe me making notes about it made me care any less, just helped me remember when the time came. I like to use technology to my advantage I try to leave every person to come in contact with me, with a good taste in their mouth about me. I try to be like-able by all, and sometimes thats not possible with strong opinions and emotions in the mix. But to me.. EVERY relationship matters #everyrelationshipmatters, and treat all people as betters, and try to learn from them all. That's my tidbit for the day. Thanks for tuning in.

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