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The Truth About Owning a Recording Studio

The truth is.. Owning a Recording Studio is hands down the best thing that's ever happened to me. Not only has it provided for my livelihood several times over, but it's also been a very unique business to run, as well as just extremely fun and fulfilling. Working with multiple artists on a week to week basis really never gets old. The times that we share in the Studio, are usually remembered and talked about for years after. I try to make the recording experience very comfortable, and fun. Jokes are told, funny videos created and watched. Making music is something I've always been very passionate about, and I'm very thankful to do the work that I do. But without saying there's always bad things in any walk of life, career etc.. There were times early on in my career where I was naive. Willing to work for nothing basically, and that kept me from my full potential. There were time's where I handed over the final masters without the rest of the money. The whole "We get paid next week man, we'll get it to you..." I've also lost basically my entire business at one point and was completely homeless.. That's a story for another time. Producing Music is always something that has intrigued me. I've always felt like I was better at pushing other peoples music to their full potential than I am writing my own music. To me, Music (and all art) is meant to be a collaborative effort. Most people work better in groups. The Business aspect of a Recording Studio is straight forward. Running a business of any size is difficult. Anybody who says it's easy is lying, but the payoff is so worth it. Not only do I help bands reach their full potentials and help them find a sound that fits them, I also create lifelong friends, and partnerships. The people I work with are like my family, and I love them! Thank you all for reading. I'll see you again soon.

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