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Losing a Loved One

Going deep today with this one. Most of the people that know me have probably seen on my facebook, that My dad has just recently passed away: on February 17th, 2020. This is just 5 years and 10 days after my mom passed away, and i'm 25. Which, i'm not trying to throw a pity party here, just giving you t

he framing. Some people have it much worse than I do.. But I'd say the majority of people, even people that are in their 40's, generally have both of their parents still living. So today, I thought that I would share my thoughts on death, and coping with loss. I've had SO many people reach out to me over the past week or so (Thank you to all of you, honestly and truly, It means the world to me). Alot of them just consoling me, and giving encouraging words. But i've been asked how hard it is on me, and honestly, It's not.. Let me tell you why. (don't think that i'm heartless or something please, I love my parents very much)

My view on death is I guess, more or less a very unique one. If you are a Christian (not getting religious here, just an example), and you follow the bible, then you should know that it says we should celebrate death, because if the person who passed was a christian as well, then they are now in their forever life in Heaven. That's not entirely my view, but I share some of the same sentiments. Leaving this world was in both of my parents best interests. My mom was physically suffering, and my dad mentally. They were ready. It was their time. My dad made it to 73 years old. I know that my Mom and Dad would not want me to mope around about their death. They would want me to continue to pursue success, and live my life the same that I did before they died. After all, it's 100% okay to grieve, and to miss them, but dwelling on it does nothing. Nothing I do is going to bring them back to me. Focusing on them being gone just makes the days harder, and hurts the present. The hourglass is ticking for all of us, including me, and the more time that runs to the bottom, the less time I have. I know that my parents wouldn't want that time wasted mourning. I want my Mother and Father to live through me, in everything that I do. All of the values, and lessons they taught me are proven over time and time again, every day that I am alive, and even more so now that they are gone, because I know that they will always be with me. I may not ever be able to physically see either of my parents again, but they are with me always. Not only am I their blood, but, They shaped me into the man that I am today. Even in the ways that they may have failed, I have learned from. My parents didn't always make the best decisions, but they always had the best intentions. They always loved me, and always cared. I am glad that they are able to find peace now. Rest in Peace: Curtis Eugene Miller Jr, and Ruby Elizabeth Cartwright. Always in loving memory

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