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What our recording studio can do

Sick of LosingNorthern Lights Suplex
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Example of Videography

Before and after a pro mix/Master

Gulf Media Collective offers a variety of services by the most competent Creative Professionals on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

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My name is Joseph Miller. I am the owner of Gulf Media Collective, which has been in business here on the coast for the past 9 years! 
We have changed locations several times, and have had many employees, but our mission stays the same. To provide our clients with the best Creative Professionals that the coast has to offer, and to deliver top-notch multimedia work!

We started as just a small Recording Studio. Growing up playing and touring in bands, I learned that Studio time was not cheap, and it was very hard to find an engineer that had the same visions that I did, Much less even find one who cared about my vision. So I sought out to learn the craft myself. After 5 years, a degree from Full Sail, and several people asking me to record their projects, I decided to open my doors to the public. 
From then on I have been Recording, Engineering, Producing, Mixing and Mastering music, for Local, National, and Regional bands, and I have picked up a variety of other skills along the way, such as Photography, Videography, and Graphic Design

My goal is to have Gulf Media Collective be a One-Stop-Shop, for anyone needing creative services. 
Whether you need your bands Metal Album recorded, or you need Wedding Photography, we've got your back! 

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CyrosleepJupiter Pilot
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50 Shades of GrayVizion 20/20
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